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🐾 A little about me... 🐾

My name is Debbie Brookham, I’m a dog lover, wife, mother, “Nana” and a Clinical Pet Nutritionist & Healthy Pet Coach!

My love and passion for pets has evolved over the past 23 years and like you, I know how you feel about your pet’s health and wellness-and a need to know what’s a waste of money and what will really work for your pet’s wellness path.

Having years of experience in human medicine as a Radiologic Technologist, previous award winning pet store owner, and 525 hours in clinical pet nutrition, I can help you pull back the curtain on your pet's nutritional needs based on my experience and education vs. the hyper-marketing pet food industry. You get to see what's really beneficial for your pet. I have helped thousands of pet parents that just want their pet's to be as healthy as they can be. The foundation of health is truly the food you put inside. I can help you, too!

“I’m on a mission to create optimum health and wellness for pet's by providing pet parents only the best expert educated advice on nutrition and wellness strategies."

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