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As A Clinical Pet Nutritionist I Always Recommend......

I speak to hundreds of pet parents and there's a supplement that everyone seems to miss. Our dogs & cats have these wonderful microbiome's-you know their guts! Well, their guts provide about 80% of their immune system. What can we do to make it better? There's always real foods we should provide, but there is one supplement that can make a significant difference in their pets lives with this one supplement. That supplement is a quality probiotic! Dogs and cat benefit from probiotics by developing good bacteria colonies in their guts. I also recommend a probiotic with digestive enzymes if the dog/cat is on kibble, or a senior, or with a compromised immune system. The digestive enzymes help break down the food providing your pet with quality nutrients being absorbed making for a healthier pet.

The one supplement I recommend

"Pet parents can make a significant difference in their pets lives with this one supplement!"

Debbie's Pet Nutritionist Blog

Tips to Help Your Pet!

An ongoing series of informational entries

Our Latest Blog Entry

June 20, 2021

What to do about Fireworks!

July 4th can be a super anxious time for your pet. It is important to plan ahead! This holiday is THE day most pets become lost from running away.

 There are a few recommendations I can give you:

1) CBD-30 minutes prior to fireworks. It may be best to start in the morning and give twice daily.  It takes about 30 minutes for CBD to work and lasts about 5-6 hours. Make sure you are giving a pure dog CBD and it does not have any THC in the ingredient list. You want to make sure it is third-party tested for those particles

2) Try Bach's rescue remedy. This helps your dog emotionally along with people! 

3) Make sure your dog has a safe place to escape. Try a crate covered with a towel or blanket, or a closed room. 

4) Play music or TV to distract or drown out the fireworks.

5) Do NOT take your dog to firework displays.

Dog's take on our personality's-if we remain calm, so do they.

Happy 4th!

Our Second Blog Entry

May 2021

My Top Five Favorite Dog Treats!

Dog's love treats and mine are no exception. As a Clinical Pet Nutritionist I tend to shy away from packaged treats and stick with real foods. I know they give real benefits and the dog's love them. So, what are my favorite treats for my dogs?

1) Blueberries-one of Mother Nature's superfoods that the dogs really enjoy. I like to give organic frozen blueberries. 1-2 a day for little dogs, 3-4 for medium and 4-6 for large dogs. Blueberries are full of great antioxidants

2) Pumpkin treats-antioxidants and a super fruit! I like to make ice-cube treats and give them to the dogs. It is added fiber in their diet and full of fun when given as an ice cube

3) Carrots-crunchy carrots are helpful for eye health and is a fresh food that dog's love to crunch

4) Green Beans-wow! if you want to make your dog happy, give him a steamed green bean. Have left-overs from dinner, give them to Rover! Extra fiber and fun for the dog to eat

5) Sardines- yup, those little raskals are super good for your dog. Get the ones in water and drain the water before serving. This is a great Omega-3 supplement to their diet which means it is anti-inflammatory. We can all benefit from that!

So, no need to look down the dog aisle, stick with fresh foods and healthier options.

Our First Blog Entry

December 2020

Who Needs a Clinical Pet Nutritionist?

Now, that's a loaded question. I would recommend all pet parents do. There is so much conflicting information out there when it comes to diet we really need to look to the experts to interpret all. So, make sure the credentials are from someone you can trust!

Decisions of food vary from kibble in a bag, to a homemade fresh diet. How do you know if you’re giving that precious fur baby the right stuff? The internet has so much bad information, please make sure you are listening to an expert, not just someone making a video that somehow you stumbled on. Look to a professional who has dug deep into the science of nutrition and who believes that as Hippocrates said the most quotable of quotes, “let food be thy medicine.”

as a Clinical Pet Nutritionist, I can share with you that this one decision will play the most important role in the future of your dog’s health. What we feed our pets today is key to the very foundation of their existence. That’s why we humans need to get it right. Each dog is different and each human is different in what they are choosing for their food and how it can change a life.

More often than not, I’m helping people with their dogs who have a chronic disease, but, wouldn’t it be awesome if our dogs could live their longest lives ever, healthy and happy in optimum wellness? Nutrition is the key to that path.

If you are a first-time pet parent, or someone who knows there are so many food options, and feel overwhelmed, talk to an expert. The love of your life is counting on YOU! 

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