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🐾 Debbie Brookham 🐾

Clinical Pet Nutritionist

Founder of Canine Insider Courses 🐾

"Debbie, we have been so thankful for you and your guidance. We truly believe the products you suggested has helped Chulo and us get through a very challenging week. We thank God we found YOU!"


"Debbie-Tim has been raving about your services and how it saved his dog! I can't wait to get started.


🐾 Create Optimum Wellness that will Balance Your Dog’s Health! 🐾

While avoiding overwhelm and confusion with the mass marketing hype in the pet world today.

🐾 Have you ever struggled trying to find the perfect dog food for your canine? 🐾

• Are you wasting countless hours searching the web for reviews?

• And once you have found the food you want does it come without tummy issues, provide beautiful skin & coat and no health issues?

• Or, are you still finding yourself, looking for answers on how to get a food and/or supplements that will really benefit your dog’s health?

•Do you know all the “old wives tales” that keep getting passed around that can really harm your dog?

•Do you know how to tell what is marketing hype and what is actually factual?

•Does your dog struggle with a chronic unwellness?

•Have you tried to get your dog to an optimum weight with no luck?

•Is your dog on a prescription food costing you more dollars than you could imagine?

•Do you know if that prescription food is really just a waste of money or actually helping your dog?

•Do you spend $$ on supplements you heard on the radio and wonder if it’s really truly helping your dog?

🐾 A little about me... 🐾

My name is Debbie Brookham, I’m a dog lover, wife, mother, “Nana” and a Clinical Pet Nutritionist!

My love and passion for pets has evolved over the past 20 years and like you, I know how you feel about your dog’s health and wellness-and a need to know what’s a waste of money and what really will work for your dog’s wellness path.

Having years of experience in human medicine as a Radiologic Technologist, and 500 hours & Certification in pet nutrition behind me, I am going to pull back the curtain on the pet food and supplement market today. You get to see what's really beneficial for your dog.

“I’m on a mission to create optimum health and wellness for dog's by providing pet parents only the best expert educated advice on nutrition and wellness strategies."

🐾 So why am I so obsessed about sharing what I’ve learned? 🐾

I see it every day- the complete overwhelm pet parents have about foods, supplements and so much more. The Vet bills are adding up and the diseases are increasing. Did you know that Diabetes has risen 80% in the past 6 years? This is alarming and leads straight back to our food as a foundation for health. 

Hippocrates was right! "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

It doesn’t have to be complicated! I’ll show you the easiest ways to get things going and get outstanding results for your dog.

I am going to share with you the secrets of wellness for your dog!

🐾 This is for you IF: 🐾

•You want to take charge of your dog’s health

•You want your dog to have optimum health

•You want to put your dog on a healthier nutritious food plan

• If you want to stop paying for RX diets that may not be helping

• You're seeking out alternatives to pain medications that may be dangerous for your dog's health

• You want clear, concise educated information, and not marketing hype

• You want access to a resource that knows “her stuff”

• You want to stop spending hours of research and conversations on what’s good for your dog

• You want healthy holistic alternatives that do not include prescriptions

• You want to know how to go “beyond the bowl” with fresh nutritional foods

• You want to know what the true ingredients mean on a food label

• You want to “nurture your dog through nutrition”

• You want your dog to live a life of optimum wellness

🐾 Master Your Dog’s Health! 🐾

Go from Doggie Diner to "Nurturing Through Nutrition"

What foods to choose and why

When and how to serve up your dog’s food

What supplements to add and why

What’s hype and what’s real for your dog

And a whole lot more.....

So Just Ask Yourself -Why Should I Take a Canine Nutrition Course?

•Give yourself a clear direction for your dog’s health

•Show you how to find the right foods with some simple food hacks

•Teach you how to improve the quality of your dog’s life with holistic choices

•Help you understand the food labels vs. marketing hype

•Stop the overwhelm when it comes to your dog's wellness

•Support you through the process of your dog’s health journey

-would it be worth it?

Well,the answer is definitely YES:)


 “Nurture through Nutrition.” 

We’ve Got This Together!

🐾 Listen as Debbie Explains....

Why she created Canine Insider Membership and how she has helped over a hundred clients bring their dog's to better health!

Where Are You In Your Dog's Journey to a Healthier, Happy Life?

The steps we take for our dog's journey to better health is imperative for our dog's health.  Where are you? Would you like to get to the next step? Would you like to receive clear advice on nutrition and health issues so you can become empowered and informed when making decisions for your dog to live a healthier, happy life.

Join Canine Insider and learn through clear, informative instructive courses.

What our clients are saying...

 love, love, love the videos and quick tips!

Tracy.....proud pet parent

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